Take a sweet at the Sant Medir festival in Barcelona

Time For Sant Medir My Dear

Next Thursday, in the barrio Gracia, is the festival of Sant Medir. Groups of locals ride around on lorries and on horseback, accompanied by bands of wandering minstrels, throwing literally tonnes of sweets to the people in the streets. All jolly good fun, especially if you are a five year old, but it does beg […]

Beach & Shopping Torre Telefonica

Contructed between 2006 and 2010 by Spanish architects EMBA, the Torre Telefonica is an imposing sight in the recently developed Forum area of Barcelona. This whole part of the city is going through a huge facelift, albiet more slowly since the ecomonic downturn hit. A criss-crossing aluminium exoskeleton encases the glass walls of the gleaming […]