You Can’t Stop The Music

There was a bit of a  music discussion going on at GoCar central this week, in between the very hectic groups schedule and part one of F.C. Barcelona’s possible treble in the bag, about the fast approaching Pirmavera Sound Festival.

Primavera+Sound+2013+Barcelona primavera Primavera-Sound-2

Now being of a different generation to our current crop of interns, I am always a little nervous when talk turns to the latest tune. For example, the aforementioned Primavera Sound gathering has approximately 120 artists playing and I have heard of 4 of them. So even-though I have DJ’d and worked with the likes of Robert Plant, Blur, De La Soul and Debbie Harry, I very quickly get lost in the land of DJ Drizzles, Plop Idol winners and 20 year old London chicks who all look the same and play guitar.

blur smiley_2128375b Debbie-Harry

Now don’t get me wrong, I completely swing with all things modern. I have a Wintendplay, surf the interwebs, eat Thai cabbage and have my trousers hanging around my bum. (OK the last one is a lie) But trust me, modern music is dangerous territory if you don’t want to feel your age in front of a group of twenty somethings.

So I decided to put my musical prowess to the test.

I turned off the radio, jumped online, opened up SmoothSquid and made up a few playlists. An odd eighties ska number here, followed by a groovy nineties dance tune there, a splash of MJ and other carefully selected timeless classics.

lady-hear-me-tonight-modjo vinyl1 madness

Of course all the interns were mere embryos when I was throwing shapes in the clubs to most of the tracks, but to my delight the toes started tapping, there was an odd “that’s cool, what is it?” and even a bit of jigging and head bobbing going on.

Inside I was elated. I still had it, still knew my stuff, could still probably throw together a decent set at one of the clubs in town! Then after that brief moment of ecstasy (it was a feeling, not a little pill in my day), it all came crashing down.

Thyra, a rather nice intern from Germany looked up from reception and said to me, “your music is much better than the stuff my Dad plays!”

(re-edit of an original post)