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Bang Bang Its San Juan

Bang Bang, Its San Juan!

It’s San Juan this coming Thursday and that means it is going to be an interesting night! You see whilst back in the U.K. a few people get up early and prance around some old rocks still wearing their bed sheets, over here the Summer Solstice is a tad more, how can I put it, […]
Sant Jordi Rose

Sant Jordi – Books and Roses

Sant Jordi, Catalonia Celebrates. So, Sant Jordi eh? Well if you are sitting comfortably, I will begin. Once upon a time there was a nasty dragon who lived in a cave above Barcelona. To keep him happy the locals fed him a virgin everyday. (100% of the daily recommended dose). Unfortunately, the townsfolk were rapidly […]
Take a sweet at the Sant Medir festival in Barcelona

Time For Sant Medir My Dear

Next Thursday, in the barrio Gracia, is the festival of Sant Medir. Groups of locals ride around on lorries and on horseback, accompanied by bands of wandering minstrels, throwing literally tonnes of sweets to the people in the streets. All jolly good fun, especially if you are a five year old, but it does beg […]
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Beach & Shopping Torre Telefonica

Contructed between 2006 and 2010 by Spanish architects EMBA, the Torre Telefonica is an imposing sight in the recently developed Forum area of Barcelona. This whole part of the city is going through a huge facelift, albiet more slowly since the ecomonic downturn hit. A criss-crossing aluminium exoskeleton encases the glass walls of the gleaming […]
GoCar Barcelona Poble Espanyol Special

Barcelona Experience Poble Espanyol

After taking in the sights in the Barrio Gotico and Raval, the Barcelona Experience route takes you up through Poble Sec and onto Montjuic. Here nestled into the hillside you will find the fascinating Poble Espanyol. Originally constructed to showcase the Spanish nation at the 1929 Expo, it survived the planned post-show demolition because it […]
Gaudi Guell Pavilions610

Discover Gaudi Guell Pavilions

On the GoCar Barcelona Discover Gaudi route, between the Monastery of Pedralbes and F.C. Barcelona’s Camp Nou, you will find the latest of the Catalan architect’s buildings to be opened for to the public to explore, the Gaudi Guell Pavilions. The Gaudi Guell Pavilions are a stable and three small gatehouses. The land owned by […]
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