Barcelona Extreme2

Barcelona Extreme

Barcelona Extreme is one of the major street sport events in Europe. The riders come from all over the world. The best competitors win prize money and medals. The competition includes skateboard and BMX. All the finals are broadcast live on TV and You Tube.

Apart from the Professional events, there are activities for all of the family. There are public tracks, equipment stands and food trucks. There is also a 'Slack-Line' zone to enjoy. It is a brilliant day out and very reasonably priced.

If you want to try any of these sports, there are lots of facilites and clubs in Barcelona. There are 3 skate parks and many other places in the city to skate or ride. Outside of M.A.C.B.A. is very popular with skateboarders. The Forum and Barceloneta are popular with longboarders and BMX.

There are lots of other activities available in Barcelona.  There is a list of some of the most popular below.

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If you really like to try something different, how about booking a special visit to the Aquarium. Here you can put on a wetsuit and go swimming with the sharks!

Top Tip

In Barcelona there are lots of local groups that meet to practice their sport. They always welcome visitors to the city. A search on Facebook will give you a local contact and a time and place to meet.


Barcelona Extreme





International extreme sports event held in the Forum.

Skateboard - BMX - Inline - Scooter - Longboard




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