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Barcelona Football

In Barcelona football is played all over the city. It is the most popular sport in Spain. It is played in every town and village across the land. The professional league is called La Liga. The two most famous clubs are FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

FC Barcelona play at the Camp Nou. It has a capacity of 98,000 people and was opened in 1957. The other main team in the city is RCD Espanyol. They play at the Power 8 stadium. It was opened in 2009 and holds 40,500. Both teams are in the top division.

Two of the smaller clubs in the city are Hospitalet and Sant Andreu. Both professional sides, but playing in the Catalan regional leagues.

If you want to see a game then one of these four is your best chance. Ticket prices vary, but expect to pay 70-120€ for a good seat at a FC Barcelona match and around 40€ at RCD Espanyol.  An average price is 15€ for either Hospitalet or Sant Andreu.

Matches are usually played on Saturday and Saunday, but there are some mid-week games during the year. Check the clubs websites to see the fixture lists. FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol have pro female teams. Their games are free to watch.

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About an hour from Barcelona you can also see a professional game in Terrassa, Tarragona and Girona. Local amateur football games are normally played on Sunday mornings.

Top Tip

Tickets for FC Barcelona can be very expensive. Beware of online sites that mark up their prices. The best way to get a ticket is direct from the clubs. At the ticket office or via the official website.