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Cemetery PobleNou

Now it may seem a little wierd to suggest a visit to the Cemetery PobleNou during your stay in Barcelona. It is true, with the city rammed with Gaudi buildings and heaps of cool art galleries and museums it probably is not even on the radar. But for those of you who are into art, sculpture and history is is a fascinating place to stroll around.

The place has an app you can download and this gives you info about some of the more interesting features of the cemetery. There is even a night tour, once a month. Currently it is only in the local Catalan language, but you could always take a local along to translate!

For photography buffs, it is a great place to get the creative juices flowing. You can really get some atmospheric shots among the graves and statues.

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The original cemetery was 'opened' in 1775 by the then Bishop of Barcelona Josep Climent i Avinent. It was the first one to be built outside of the old city walls. Here, literally lie some of the most famous Catalans from the 19th century!

Top Tip

It is a 10 minute stroll from Port Olympic. So if you have had enough sun and sand and want something totally different to do for a couple of hours, then this is it!



FREE ENTRANCE     (for the living)

FREE APP with GC MAP     (guide)





When To Visit


Monday to Sunday

08.00 - 18.00