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La Voiture Qui Parle


most frequent questions and answers

You need:

  • to be at least 21 years old
  • hold a valid driving license
  • have a creditcard or cash for the security deposit (300€ per car)

Any European or International license is accepted. For other licenses please Cliquez ici.

All our vehicles have 3rd Party Insurance as standard. This means you are covered for any damage made to other vehicles.

We are unable to offer full insurance cover in Spain. However, we do have a ‘CDW’ insurance for only 9.90€ per car, which lowers your financial responsibility to just the 300€ deposit. Just tick the box when you sign the rental contract.

GoCar is the world’s first GPS-guided storytelling car. Our custom navigation system guides you around Barcelona and the car talks to you, telling you all about the city. You can explore parts of Barcelona the tour bus cant reach and you will look cool doing it!

Our three most popular tours (Gaudi/Experience/Beach&Shopping) are 3 hours long, of which approximately 2½ hours is driving time. There is a quick one hour tour where you cannot stop, but the best value is our Full Day Tour, which is a minimum if 5 hours but gives you up to 10 hours (summer) to enjoy the whole city.

You can go FREESTYLE if you want to, no problem. But the car only talks on the designated routes.

If you are a little bit over time, don’t worry because we wont and if you want to stay out longer we only charge the extra time (by hour) up to our max price of 69€ per person.

English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan and Russian

 maximum of 2 people are able to ride in the vehicle.

The minimum age to be a passenger is 7yrs.

It is fine to drive a GoCar in the rain,  but we can re-schedule your tour for another day or time. If weather conditions are extreme and you have no flexibility with regards to time, we can make a refund.

Yes of course. Our Terms & Conditions state:

  • Cancellation up to 24 hours before departure time. Refund, minus 20€ cancellation fee per GoCar.
  • Cancellation within 24 hours before departure time. No refund.

Note: Under exceptional circumstances our shop managers have the authority to alter the above.

Yes, we’re happy to discuss how we can help you create a uniquely tailored corporate event. Check out our Group Page and then contact Patrick at (+34) 932 691 792 or groups@gocarbarcelona.com