Joan Prats Gallery

Joan Prats Gallery

Joan Prats Gallery is the shop window for the famous Catalan art promoter's exhibitions and parties. Born in 1891 into a family of hat makers, Joan Prats decided to train as an artist at the famous Llotja School in Barcelona. Its was there he met and became great friends with Joan Miro.

He found he had a talent for organising exhibitions for leading artists of the time. He did all the biggies including Salvador Dali, Picasso, Alexander Calder and of course Miro.

In 1932 Prats co-founded the ADLAN (Amics de l'Art Nou) 'Friends of New Art, with photographer Joaquim Gomis and architect Josep Luis Sert. The latter designing with Prats and Miro, the Miro Foundation on Montjuic.

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The gallery was opened in 1976 and has as its mission to sit right on the cutting edge of the contemporary art scene. They can be found at some of the worlds most renown art shows, including Art Basel and ARCO Madrid. They exhibit from a wide range of artists and often put installations in other venues in the city.

It is safe to say that contemporay art really has to your passion to fully enjoy the gallery. But if you are walking by, you might see something that flicks your buttons!

Top Tip

 It is definitely not a flip-flops and shorts sort of place. Dress accordingly, but don't be put off from visiting, especially all you art students out there!



tel: +34  93 216 0290


Barcelona Joan Prats Gallery



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Tuesday to Saturday

11 > 14 & 16 > 20

July & September

Saturday by appointment only