Labyrinth Park Barcelona

Labyrinth Park Barcelona

The Labyrinth Park Barcelona has its origins back in 1791. The Marquis of Llupià i Alfarràs dedicated a plot of land on his estate to create a neoclassical garden. With Italian architect Domenico Bagutti and French gardener Josep Devalet on board the first part of the garden was built.

In the 1850's the next generation of the Desvalls family expanded the garden. Local boy Elies Rogent added gazebos, flower beds and even a waterfall. A small canal was also built to connect the upper and middle terraces. Next came the lower terrace with the cypress tree maze and domestic garden right behinnd the Desvalls palace.

The Labyrinth Park Barcelona became on of the 'in' places, holding many social and cultural events. The park has hosted Spain's soverign on three occasions.

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The park was given to the city in 1967 and was opened to the public four years later. There was a huge restoration in 1994 and the 55 hectare site is now open all year around for everyone to enjoy. It is popular with locals who want to paint, take photographs or sit in quite comtemplation.

Top Tip

Line 3 on the metro to Mundet and a walk up to the park is easiest. Check out the Olympic Veladrome which is right next door.

Main Sections


Lower Terrace - Maze

Middle Terrace - Italian Pavilions

Upper Terrace - Muses Pavilion & Pond


Barcelona Labyrinth Park



From August 1st to February 28th - Adult 2.23€  Child (U14) 1.42€

From March 1st to July 31st - FREE ENTRY

Sundays & Wednesdays - FREE ENTRY ALL YEAR

Max 750 pax

Opening Times


March 1 to March 31 - 10.00 > 19.00

April 1 to October 31 - 10.00 > 20.00

November 1 to February 28 - 10.00 > 19.00

December 25th - 10.00 > 14.00