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A Message From The New Owners

We are Jean & Marina the new owners of GoCar Barcelona. We wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you about the exciting changes we are making to the business.

As you know, GoCar Barcelona has been in decline in recent years, suffering from an ageing fleet of vehicles and lack of investment. We are going to change all that. Already we have made a massive difference!

2020 - The Year Of The Electric Car

We have brought in a new team of people to reshape all aspects of the business and we are going to introduce a new Electric GoCar in 2020

It will take time to bring in all these exciting changes, but we have begun the journey and we are looking forward to building a much better GoCar Barcelona.

As soon as we have electric cars that can be used for group activities we will invite you to GoCar Barcelona to try them out.


Jean & Marina

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New Owners

A Message From The New Owners