casa vicens

antoni gaudi’s first house

the first house in Barcelona

Casa Vicens origins 

Casa Vicens is one of the first examples of ‘Moderisme‘, the Catalan version of ‘Art Nouveau’. It is also Gaudi’s first house in Barcelona. It was built in the village of Gracia, now a district in modern day Barcelona.

The overall theme is based on the Neo-Mudéjar style of architecture. This first appeared in Madrid at the end of the 19th Century. Another classic example of this style in Barcelona is the Arc de Triomf near the Ciutadella Park.

However, what made Gaudi’s design unique, was his boldness in mixing different styles together. In this building he mixes many materials, such as glass, iron, ceramics and concrete.

The original construction was between 1883 and 1885. Then there was an extension, both to the house and garden, made in 1925. This was by Joan Baptista Serra de Martínez.  The new plans were approved by Gaudi. He could not make the changes as he was too busy working on the Sagrada Familia.

The house is divided into four floors. There is a basement, two main floors and the loft. Gaudi also built a walkway on the roof, so it could be easily cleaned. The dining room gives us an insight into Gaudi’s obsession with nature. Plants, animals and birds taking centre stage in the design.


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casa vicens gocar barcelona


casa vicens gocar barcelona


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