Internship In Barcelona

Internship in Barcelona

Looking for an internship in Barcelona?

GoCar Barcelona has internship placements available for students, all year around. If you meet the basic criteria (see below), then please get in contact with us and we will send you the application details.

Basic Candidate Requirements:

– You have to be a student, with E.U. residency, currently enrolled on a university or college course. – High level of English (company language), and Spanish (basic) Italian, French, German or Russian is a plus – Valid, current, clean driving licence – Minimum 4 month placement University Agreement:

Your Academic Institution MUST cover you with a internship agreement for the whole duration of the placement. Students with European scholarships such as the Leonardo, Erasmus, Euro Odysee, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs or other programs are encouraged to apply and we will help you fill in all the required forms to apply to such scholarships.

Basic Internship Conditions: – 40 hours per week – 2 days free in every 7 – 1 extra day holiday per month worked – 150€ per month + bonuses

Although we are a tourism company, we welcome applications from all areas of study.

So if you would like to receive more information about completing an internship in Barcelona with us at GoCar. Please fill in the form and we will be in touch.

Internship in Barcelona

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Internship in Barcelona