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Frederic Mares Museum

Museum origins 

The Museum is one of the most fascinating places in Barcelona. Artist and Sculptor Frederic Mares is best known for his ‘monumental’ sculptures like ‘Emporion’ which can be found in Placa Catalunya. Born in Port Bou in 1893, Frederic and his family moved to Barcelona in 1903. As a young lad he got the collecting bug and his obsession continued to grow right through his life.

By 1946 his workshop and house were overflowing with objects and he announced his wish to offer the collection to the city of Barcelona. The museum was born. He continued to collect right up until his death in 1991, although by then the museum had run out of space several times over. Mares’s solution was to donate to other museums and parts of his enormous collection are found right across Catalonia and Spain.

Not suprisingly a large part of the museum (lower, ground and first floors) is dedicated to sculpture, from antiquity to the latter part of the 19th Centuury, with a heavy emphasis on religious artifacts. The ‘Collector’s Cabinet’ (second and third floors) is an incredible insight into recent history with over 10,000 items that reflect the customs and culture of the time. From pipes to photos, toys to timepieces and wrought iron to weapons, the vastness is mindblowing!

The ‘Library-Studio’ (second floor) houses some of the great man’s personal items, objects from his private library and study, all chosen by him to put on display.

Frederic Mares Museum gocar barcelona


Frederic Mares Museum gocar barcelona


Frederic Mares Museum gocar barcelona

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Recommendation for individual visits: The museum is quite large, so if you would like to continue your visit another day, please keep your entry ticket so that you can enjoy a second visit free of charge, valid for six months after the ticket purchase date.

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