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Barcelona Aquarium

The Barcelona Aquarium was opened on the 8th of September 1995. It has 35 aquariums and 11.000 animals. There are an amazing 450 different species. There is 5 million litres of water, whick includes the huge shark tank, which holds 3.7 million litres on its own.

Barcelona Aquarium has different themed zones. The Oceanarium is very popular. Here you can walk down tubes and see the sharks swimming over your head. For the brave, you can book a session to 'swim' with the sharks.

There are lots of activites for children to enjoy, but you dont need kids to enjoy it! It is the worlds most important centre for the study of Mediterranean sealife.

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One of the highlights is watching some of the animals being fed. If you time your visit you can watch a shark having lunch or a penguin grabbing an afternoon snack!

Top Tip

There are always offers to be had with the Aquarium tickets. The family packs brings down the price a bit and booking online makes it even cheaper. We have a voucher on the GoCar Barcelona map too!


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telephone (+34) 221 74 74

Barcelona Aquarium


Adult - 20.00€    65+ - 18.00

Child - (3 to 4) 7.00€  &  (5 to 10) 15.00€

Family Pack (2adult 2child) - 60.00€






When To Visit


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Sharks Feeding - Tue & Fri 12.30

Penguins Feeding - Everyday 13.30 & 16.30

Rays Feeding - Mon to Sat 14.00